Property Tax Information

Property taxes are due and payable without penalty on the first Monday of October thru the last day of February.  You may make partial payments, although the full amount must be paid before March 1st to be considered paid on time.

If paying in full, you may pay at all Farmers Bank locations or at Reliant Bank.  You must take your tax notice with you.

You may pay or search online at  You may pay over the phone at 1-877-768-5048 but you must have your receipt number. A fee is charged by the vendor of 2.75% for credit/debit cards or $2.75 for echecks.  Robertson County collects none of this convenience fee.

Starting on March 1st, 1.5% penalty and interest will be added on the first day of each month. Taxes remain in our office until they are a full year delinquent. On April 1st of the next year, they are turned over to Chancery Court for collection.

Notices are mailed out in late Septemer or early October, depending on when the County Commission sets the tax rate, and passes the budget.

Tax notices are mailed to the person who owned the property as of January 1st of that year.  If a sale ocurrs after January 1st, the Trustee requests a notice for the new owner if the transfer has been recorded prior to the tax file being created.

If you have not received your notice by late October, please call (615) 384-4238 and we will mail out another one. 

It is very important that property owners keep up with how many properties they own (or buy and sell).  Deeds are often recorded in many different names and different ways, and we may not know if we find everything that belongs to you.  You must review your notices and bring those with you when you come to pay.  Some properties may have been sold, and others you may have purchased since the first day of January could be in someone else's name.

Most mortgage companies pay taxes in the month of December.  If you wish to verify your tax payment(s), it is best to wait until January to contact us for that information.  You will still have time to get any error(s) corrected before March 1st.

The State of Tennessee offers a property tax relief program for the disabled and/or those over 65 with income of no more than $29,180.00 for 2015.  The income must include spouse and everyone that is on the deed to the property. In addition, the State of Tennessee offers a property tax relief program for disabled veterans who are total and permanently disabled from a service connected disability. The applicant must live on the property during that year.

When applying at the office the following items are needed:
1. Driver's License or Birth Certificate
2. Social Security card
3. Medicare card
4. Proof of disability (if applicable)

5. For a mobile home you must have bill of sale or title 

We have a tax freeze program for seniors over the age of 65.  The same proofs of income and identification are required for the tax freeze as are required for the tax relief.  The 2016 tax freeze is based on 2015 income limited to no more than $35,350 for applicant, spouse, and any others listed on the deed.

We do not process tax freeze nor tax relief applications in the month of February due to high volume of tax payments, but the application may still be completed throughout March. 

We accept cash, checks and money orders.

We accept credit or debit cards, however the vendor charges a 2.75% service fee.

If you plan to wait until the last week of February, be prepared for long lines.  Please be patient.

If you're not going to make it into the office before March 1st, we do accept postmarked payments.  Make sure the Post Office postmarks the envolope with the correct date in order to avoid any penalty and interest accrual on March 1st.


Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns. 

Phone: (615) 384-4238

Fax:  (615)  382-2316