October 9, 2017

Animal Services

Animal Control is a county agency responsible for the intake of stray and/or unwanted domestic animals. Service is provided to all areas of Robertson County without an Animal Control facility The physical plant has 26 kennels and 18 cat cages all indoors with heat and air control. Phones are answered or messages recorded and officers are available from 8 – 4 Monday thru Friday. Animal Control can also be reached by clicking here to fill out a contact form. 

In the fall of 2011, this agency began making changes to become low kill with the goal that every effort be made to have animals walk out of the facility alive. the policy is that every animal rescued, fostered, or adopted from RCAC be spayed or neutered.  Appointments can be made for private pet owners at two low cost spay/neuter clinics with whom RCAC has a working relationship and if necessary transport to and from these clinics is provided by us.

The shelter is open for adoptions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-4pm. However, we encourage you to call the shelter if you are interested in adopting on Tuesday and Thursday – an appointment can be made for you to see animals at RCAC or at our fostering homes. 615-384-5611

If you are ready to be owned by a pet, please visit our website to see our adoptable pets at http://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelterid=TN356

Adoptions are $90 for dogs and $80 for cats which includes spay/neuter and a rabies shot. 

If you have a complaint about a neighbors pet such as neglect, running at large, or abuse, please call your local Law Enforcement Agency at 615-384-4911. These are law violations and must be handled by Law Enforcement. If you require service in a city that has Animal Control service, please call that service at the number provided.         

  • Springfield Animal Control 615-384-9289
  • Greenbrier Animal Control  615-643-1003

Please adopt from a shelter. Shelter pets make the best pets.


Director and Animal Control Officer: Kevin Clinard



Animal Control Officer: Randy Weaver (not pictured)



Office Administrator: Sharon Bowen