October 10, 2017

New TN Residents

COUNTY TO COUNTY NEW RESIDENTS OR IF YOU PURCHASED A VEHICLE OUT OF COUNTY: Within 30 days of moving to Robertson County, you are required to register your vehicle and pay your wheel tax for the remaining time left on your registration. Robertson County Wheel Tax is $85.25. The wheel tax will be prorated for the remaining months until your new renewal. Current Residents Titling Information

NEW TN RESIDENTS: For a new resident titling a vehicle in Tennessee for the first time, bring your out of state title and the odometer reading at time of purchase. If there is a lien, bring a copy of the title or current registration, the name, address and zip code of lien holder. You will also need to bring in proof of your Robertson County address (Tennessee issued driver’s license or two pieces of mail with your new address on it). New Residents Titling Information