October 10, 2017


Current processing times:  *Routine Service: 18 weeks.
 *Expedited Service: 12 weeks.


A passport is an internationally recognized travel document that verifies the identity and nationality of the bearer. A valid U.S. Passport is required to enter and leave most foreign countries. Only the U.S. Department of State has the authority to grant, issue or verify United States passports.

The Robertson County Clerk’s office provides information about how to obtain, replace or change a passport.

You will also need to come to the Clerk’s office to apply in person for a U.S. passport if your previous passport is not in your possession, if your previous U. S. Passport has expired and was issued more than 15 years ago, if your previous U.S. passport was issued when you are under 16, or if your previous or your currently valid U. S. passport has been lost or stolen.

What you will need to apply for a passport :

  • Application Forms  (Having your application completed in black ink before you come into the office will save you time.)
  • Photos are taken in our office. ($10.00)
  • Calculate Fees
  • NOTE:  Department of State passport application fees will need to be paid by check or money order (and will be attached to each application.)       
  • Please review proof of citizenship information . Applications without proper documents can not be processed.
  • For more information about U.S. Passports visit  Travel.State.gov website

To learn more about how to obtain a passport please visit How To Apply For A Passport.

The Robertson County Clerk’s Office now accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Credit card payments for most services.*Convenience fees do apply.