February 24, 2020


If you are coming into the Clerk’s Office to conduct business on SOMEONE ELSE’S BEHALF, please have this Power of Attorney form filled out and notarized. This will help you be able to complete your transaction the same day.

If you have purchased a vehicle from an Estate, please provide a copy of the death certificate and proof the person that signed as seller had the authority to do so.

When titling a vehicle, applying for a license plate or transferring a plate from one vehicle to another. State law requires the applicant or owner to visit the County Clerk’s office. If you can’t personally transact this business a representative may be designated by notarized Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney must identify the vehicle by make, model and identification number. A form may picked up at the County Clerk’s office or by clicking on the link above.

If you purchased a vehicle from an out of county dealer, be sure to bring your new registration to the Clerk’s Office to pay your County Wheel Tax. It is not collected by other counties. Robertson County Wheel Tax is $85.25.

If your vehicle is new bring all papers connected with the purchase. This includes manufacturer’s statement of origin, or MSO, new car invoice from dealer, odometer statement and loan paperwork if financed. If the vehicle was purchased from an individual, please present a properly signed title with odometer reading placed in the appropriate line. If the vehicle is financed bring the loan paperwork. Vehicle purchased from individuals may require a Gift Form from the seller if the sales price does not agree with the NADA vehicle value guide.

If you wish to transfer your present tag, please bring your current tag or registration.

Transfers from immediate family members may be eligible for tax exemption. A Gift Form will need to be completed.

In these cases where a title does not exist the owner must furnish vehicle registration receipt and a notarized bill of sale. If there is a lien you must provide loan paperwork.

For joint buyersregardless of conjunction, when a vehicle is purchased by more than 1 buyer, all parties signatures are required on the title (or a Power of Attorney can be used).