October 12, 2017

Veteran Service Officer

Robertson County Veteran Service Office 

Terry Wilson-Director
Scott Erwin Assistant-VSO
Ashley Pierce-Administrative Assistant

Contact the Veteran Service Office

Address: 505 S Brown St.
Springfield, TN 37172 (APPOINTMENT ONLY)
Phone: (615)382-6506
Fax: (615)358-1302
E-mail: apierce@robcotn.org

Office hours Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm

The Veteran Service Officer is here to serve Veterans of all military service branches of the United States.
I will assist any of our Veterans and/or their surviving spouses with filing claims for service connected disabilities, as well as non-service connected pensions and other assistance.

Below is a list of important phone numbers, web sites, and links any Veteran would need for help and information.

Important Phone Numbers

VA Benefits 800-827-1000
Health Care 877-222-8387
Education 888-442-4551
Life Insurance 800-669-8477
Debt Management 800-827-0648
Mammography Hotline 888-492-7844
Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD) 800-829-4833
CHAMPVA 800-733-8387
Head Stone and Markers 800-697-6947
Special Health Issues:
Gulf War, Agent Orange, Project 112/Shad 800-749-8387

Web Sites

VA Home Page
VA Health Care
Returning Veterans
VA Facilities
VA Forms
VA Benefit Payment Rates
Education Benefits
Home Loan Guarantee
Life Insurance
Voc Rehab
Burial and Memorial Benefits
Veterans Employment and Training
Federal Jobs
Veterans Preference
Department of Defense

The National Archives and Records Administration is where you can order a copy of your military personnel and medical records.  Always have copies of these.


Here is a list of the states and links to their Veterans Offices.  Once you get to your state be sure to look for county and city listings for veterans.  There is lots of great help at the local level.  All the States are listed and each state has its own link.


Air Force
Coast Guard


The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is one of the best organizations when it comes to fighting for your benefits.  Even if you are not a member, the VFW has Service Officers at most VA facilities that can help you with your claims.

The American Legion is the largest veteran’s organization in the world.  Again, they are a great source of information and help if you need it.  The Legion can represent you in the claims process and you don’t have to be a member.

A great organization with incredible resources and lots of information is the Disabled American Veterans (DAV).  Just click the link to peruse their services and see if they might be able to help with your particular situation.

Here is the link to AMVETS, another great service organization.

Even if you aren’t a Vietnam vet the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) can provide great information on VA benefits and dealing with the VA.  This is a great site to explore.

USDR is the Uniformed Services Disabled Retirees.  This is a great site that is for retirees who are disabled.

Veterans and Mesothelioma http://www.asbestos.com/veterans/.